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Lost Quarter Farms Testimonials

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Got me into the sport!


This place is cool! My cousin Jimmy took us here for our vacation and we had a blast. I haven’t really done much hunting before but this place kinda got me into the sport now. We were up in a secluded area where we got to hunt duck and deer and I had a great time. Even my wife enjoyed it. They took good care of us back at the lodge and I remember those home cooked meals. It was all very accommodating. Maybe we’ll do this again I always say I'll try almost anything once and I’m glad I tried hunting over here.

The Most Historical Place in Mendon History


Lost Quarter is not only a Great Place for a Hunting Experience but is most likely the most historical place in Mendon history. I have known Ann virtually all of my life & know that she pulls out all the stops to make sure that everyone who comes there not only has the opportunity to hunt in a game rich environment but also has all of the comforts of home including a wonderful menu & a well-educated, interesting host that takes the time to get to know her patrons and can converse on any subject. 

Having been raised in Mendon & having been privy to the area where Lost Quarter is located, I can assure you that the changes made in the place have served only to make it even more hospitable to the Hunters & Guests. The cabin itself dates back to the 1920's & although I have no proof I believe that my Grandfather Ed Collins sawed the lumber for its construction as he and Tom Bash had a sawmill on the halves back then. In the floor near the fireplace is a small plaque dated and with the names of the original group who made it their Hunting Ground. The walls are festooned with mounted animals & fowl that have hung there for half a century along with pictures that go back at least as far as 1936 when the movie "The Voice of Bugle Ann" starring Lionel Barrymore, & Maureen O'Sullivan was filmed on the property.

Ann has made every effort to update & modernize Lost Quarter while maintaining a strict adherence to it's historical bearing. In short not only a Great Hunt, & a Great Place to Visit, but also a striking microcosm of Historical value...

Many Good Memories!


I grew up hunting the Lost Quarter and have many good memories and would love to see the grounds again. Hope to soon.

The Most Historical Place in Mendon History


Only the best!

Best Hunting Retreat!


Best hunting retreat ever.