Missouri Hunting Regulations & General Information

Things to know before your hunt at Lost Quarter Farms

Our goal is to give you the best hunting & hospitality experience by providing you with great hunter guides and amazing accommodations. Before your stay, look at the Missouri Hunting Regulations that apply to Chariton County and the accommodations we offer at Lost Quarter Farms.

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About Our Lodge

Famous for its rich history, Lost Quarter Farms is a premier hunting lodge that is known for its secluded hunting ground. Providing hunters a place to rest after their hunting excursions since 1929, Lost Quarter Farms believes in offering competitive rates and Midwest hospitality to all its guests including home cooked meals after every hunt.

Other benefits of lodging at Lost Quarter Farms include:
  • Electrical heating
  • A working fireplace
  • Screened-in porch
  • Modern bathrooms
  • Heated blinds & Decoys

Learn more about the accommodations you'll find at Lost Quarter Farms. Reserve your hunting trip at the historic ground of Lost Quarter Farms by emailing, calling, or writing us today.

Firearms hunting

Missouri Hunting Regulations

If it's your first time hunting or you need a reminder on the hunting laws for Missouri, look no further. These are general hunting regs that vary depending on the hunting season.

Here's a few important things to remember when planning your hunting trip:

Wear Hunter Orange

It's required by Missouri law that you wear Blaze Orange in hunting areas. There are a few exceptions to this rule such as archers that are hunting outside of areas where discharge of firearms is prohibited, or those hunting migratory game birds. Regardless, be safe and double check the full regulations before deciding against the legally required Hunter Orange.

Baiting Regulations

Bait includes any type of feed or grain scattered around a hunting area that might attract deer or turkey and is illegal to use while hunting. A place is considered baited 10 days after bait has been removed from the area. Violating this rule may lead to a hunter losing their permit.

You can use mineral blocks outside of conservation areas that do not contain bait or other foods.

Assisting Other Hunters

It is illegal to shoot a turkey or deer for another hunter despite having a permit. A hunter may assist with calling or rattling antlers but must have a permit. If you're accompanying a youth hunter, you do not need a hunters permit, however you do need a hunter education certificate.

Prohibited Hunting Methods

There are specific hunting methods that are prohibited in Missouri to help preserve wildlife for the next generation.

These hunting methods can include:

  • Possessing or using electronic calls
  • Artificial lights, night vision, or thermal imagery
  • Poisons or tranquilizing drugs, including those in bolts, arrows, and darts
  • ATVs, aircrafts, motorboats
  • Live decoys

This is not a full list of hunting restrictions, and it is recommended you go through all the prohibited hunting methods before your arrival.

Hunting bow for archery hunting season

Necessary Permits

It's your responsibility to obtain a hunting license before your stay. There are several Missouri hunting licenses and permits that you may need before your hunt. All hunters are required to carry and show their permit when requested by an officer that represents and enforces the Wildlife Code of Missouri.

For your convenience you can download the MO Hunting App from the MDC to easily purchase and carry all your permits on your phone. Having this app will also allow you to conveniently Telecheck your deer or turkey by uploading a confirmation number and "notch" your permits when needed.

Here's a few requirements & permits you may need before your hunt:

Hunter Education Requirement

A hunter education course is required by state law before you can purchase hunting permits for firearms turkey and deer. There are a few exceptions to this rule such as being born before January 1st, 1967 or using an Apprentice Hunter Authorization permit.

Apprentice Hunter Authorization

This permit allows adults to learn how to hunt. You can purchase this permit if you plan on hunting with an adult mentor that is licensed and has completed their Hunter Education Requirement. You must also purchase a firearms hunting permit for your desired season.

Nonresident or Resident Any-Deer Hunting Permit

This allows a hunter to take one antlerless and one antlered deer during the firearms season. Season varies depending on the purchased permit. Make sure to check the dates for your specific portion, for example: the antlerless portion.

Nonresident or Resident Fall Firearms Turkey Hunting Permit

This permit lets you take two turkeys of either sex during the fall firearms turkey season.

Nonresident or Resident Archer’s Hunting Permit

The archers permit allows you to take two deer and two turkeys during the archery season. You can also take small game during the specified season and sell furbearers. Keep in mind Lost Quarter Farms does not sell archery hunts before firearms season.

Antlered deer in forest during hunting season

Firearms Deer Season

If you're hunting outside of Chariton County, you'll want to check the hunting laws for antler point restrictions. Booking your deer hunting trip at Lost Quarter Farms means you won't be affected by this law when hunting antlered deer, however you do need to be aware of other Missouri deer hunting regulations during Firearms season.

There are a few portions for Firearms Deer Season throughout the year. This is important to keep in mind as it will affect when you can hunt as well as the type of deer you can take.

There are 4 Firearms Deer Season portions:

Alternative Methods Portions

This lasts from December 24th - January 3rd. You're allowed to take one antlered deer during this firearms season. You can also take two antlered deer when the archery and firearms season overlap.

Antlerless Portion

This portion of the firearms season runs from December 3rd - 11th. Chariton County is open to hunting during the antlerless portion, and you may take antlerless deer during this time. You can fill two antlerless permits when hunting during this portion in Chariton County.

November Portion

This part of the firearms season lasts between November 12th - 22nd. At this time, you are allowed one antlered deer. You can however take two antlered deer during the combined archery and firearms seasons.

Youth Portion

Early youth may participate in firearms season from October 29th - 30th, while late youth hunters may join during November 25th - 27th. Youth hunters are allowed one deer during this portion of the firearms season.

Turkey during fall firearms turkey season

Fall Firearms Turkey Season

Missouri Turkey Season begins on October 1st and concludes at the end of the month. During this season, each hunter is allowed to take two turkeys of either sex. You must carry a resident or nonresident turkey hunting permit for this season.

Lost Quarter Farms has guided turkey hunting for first-time guests so you can learn about the hunting grounds and expectations at our site. Lost Quarter Farms is also happy to pack and clean your turkey for the trip back home after paying a small fee.

Hunter during firearms season

Missouri Hunting FAQ's

Why were hunting laws passed?

Hunting laws were passed to prevent those that hunt wildlife from driving species to extinction. Wildlife management is crucial in preserving the sport of hunting and trapping for the next generation.

What information can be found in public hunting related resources?

Public hunting resources let you know the specifics about hunting permits and prohibited methods. You can also stay up to date with new hunting laws and when each season begins.

Who can purchase a resident turkey or deer permit?

If you have a legal residence in Missouri and don't currently claim residence in another state or country, you may purchase a resident turkey or deer permit. You must live in Missouri for 30 days prior to purchasing.

Can You Firearms Hunt During the Antlerless Portion at Lost Quarter Farms?

Yes, located within Chariton County, Lost Quarter Farms allows you to hunt during the Antlerless Portion of Firearms Deer Season. You can reserve a guided hunt today by contacting us via email or phone.

For more information on hunting regulations before your stay look at the 2022 Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information from the Missouri Department of Conservation. After catching up with the latest hunting laws, reserve an unforgettable hunting experience at Lost Quarter Farms.