• Do you have deer hunting blinds at Lost Quarter Farms?

    White tail deer hunting enthusiasts will love our heated blinds, and will find hunting for deer to be a wonderful experience at Lost Quarter Farms. Ours is one of the most beautiful deer hunting lodges in all of Missouri, and our visitors come from around the country and the world to experience what we have to offer.

  • What is your white tail deer hunting lodge like in terms of accommodations?

    White tail deer hunting is a pleasure at one of the most beautiful hunting lodges you'll ever come across, Lost Quarter Farms. We make hunting for deer a vacation to remember with cozy accommodations and wonderful natural surroundings. When you're not hunting you'll enjoy your downtime in comfort and enjoy home-cooked meals in our lodge.

  • When does the season begin for hunting deer?

    The season for hunting deer takes place in November, so make sure to reserve you space and enjoy the incredible white tail deer hunting at Lost Quarter Farms. Join us at one of the area's most acclaimed deer hunting lodges for the trip of a lifetime. You'll find yourself hunting for deer in one of the most fertile spots in all of Missouri.

  • Do you provide field dressing for those hunting for deer at Lost Quarter Farms?

    Hunting for deer is always a rewarding experience at Lost Quarter Farms. We are known for our white tail deer hunting, and for accommodating our guests in every way possible. As an example we provide field dressing for a minimal fee. Few deer hunting lodges are as comfortable, cozy and full of hospitality as ours is.

  • What types of waterfowl can duck hunting enthusiasts find at Lost Quarter Farms?

    If you're into duck hunting, you'll love what you find at Lost Quarter Farms. We offer some of the finest waterfowl hunting in all of the Midwest, and one of the coziest and most accommodating duck hunting lodges you'll ever have the pleasure of staying in. We know how much you love hunting for ducks, and offer a beautiful area in which to do so.

  • When does waterfowl hunting season begin?

    Waterfowl hunting dates are set in the middle of August during the Conservation Commission Meeting, and begin when ducks and geese are migrating in the Fall. When those dates are set there is no finer duck hunting lodge to plan an excursion to than Lost Quarter Farms.

  • Do you offer guided geese hunting?

    If you're interested in geese hunting or waterfowl hunting of any kind we'd love to have you at one of the Midwest's most acclaimed hunting lodges, Lost Quarter Farms. Once you cross the bridge that is the entrance to Lost Quarter you'll enter a wonderful area for goose hunting, mallard duck hunting, etc.

  • Is there a good success rate when it comes to turkey hunting in Missouri?

    Missouri turkey hunting is routinely among the best in the nation, and there are very few hunting lodges like Lost Quarter Farms when it comes to memorable hunting trips. You've no doubt been on more than a few turkey hunts, but nothing compares to hunting wild turkey in the beautiful and historic surroundings of Lost Quarter Farms.

  • Do you clean and pack birds for your duck hunting guests?

    If you're interested in mallard duck hunting or waterfowl hunting in general you'll love the way we do things at Lost Quarter Farms. We set a standard for duck hunting lodges in the hospitality we show your guests, which includes clean and properly packing your birds for your trip home. We strive to make hunting for ducks here easy and enjoyable.