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5 Easy Ways to Make Deer Hunting Season a Success

Thursday - 19 March 2020

Trophy White-tailed Buck Deer silhouetteHere at Lost Quarter Farms, we know a thing or two about Missouri deer hunts. We’ve been doing it since 1929! For over 90 years, we’ve been one of America’s most premier Missouri deer hunting lodges. During our time hunting the historic surroundings of Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Yellow Creek area, we learned how to guarantee your deer season is one for the books!

Update your Hunting License
With all the rushing and packing, it’s easy for small details to get overlooked during the excitement. Did you know one of the most common reasons hunters never make it out for hunting season is because of an expired hunting license?

If you’re planning on participating in deer hunting trip this season, make obtaining a legal hunting license your number one priority. It may seem like a detail that’s hard to overlook, but it happens. Before planning any details of your hunting trip, go get your license!

Dedicate an Entire Weekend
To help your chances of bagging a buck this deer hunting season, find an entire weekend you can dedicate to being in the outdoors. This greatly increases your chances of encountering a buck. What better way to get back to your roots than spending a weekend getting some fresh air in the forest?

Lost Quarter Farms has some of the best deer hunting in the country. We also have top of the line equipment that leave the hunters flocking back to us year after year, too!

Bring Your Favorite Hunting Buddies
With your buddies by your side, even if you don’t come home with a deer, you’re guaranteed to have a great weekend. Did you know Lost Quarter Farms takes reservations for up to you and nine of your friends? What better way to kick of deer hunting season this year then by grabbing your buddies and hitting the road!

Find Comfortable Lodging
Instead of setting up camp for the night, treat your group to a weekend filled with home-cooked meals, air conditioning or heating and a fully stocked bar. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

When you choose Lost Quarter Farms, you’re choosing old-fashioned hospitality, a tradition that many hunters know never goes out of style. We’ve been in the business of hospitality for nearly 100 years and know how to treat our hunters right!

Hire an Experienced Guide
Let’s face it, there’s so much that goes into finding a hangout spot popular with the local deer. You can be an expert tracker and still be unsure of if they’ll end up in front of your blinds if you are unfamiliar with the area. Sure, you can risk it, but why take the chance?

Hiring an experienced guide who knows the lay of the land like the back of their own hand guarantees you’ll end up in front of trophy buck you’ll be proud to take home.

At Lost Quarter Farms, we offer guided deer hunts that will up your chances of success as well as give you the opportunity to learn about the standards we have for ourselves and our hunters. We also allow self-guided hunting for any return guests or intermediate and advanced hunters.

From St. Louis to Kansas City, our lodge has some of the best deer hunting out there. Don’t miss it! Make your reservations early and guarantee a spot. Contact our team today to claim your place!