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How to Gear Up for Whitetail Deer Hunting Season in Missouri

Friday - 13 November 2015

3 Tips for Deer Hunters for Whitetail Deer Hunting Season

1. Be prepared
Deer Whitetail HuntingThe temperature can change quickly during whitetail deer hunting season in Missouri. Because of these potentially drastic climate fluctuations, Lost Quarter Farms recommends layering your clothes. Coveralls, heavy coats, neck warmers, caps, and high-quality, weatherproof boots are an absolute necessity during the winter months.

Our experienced guides also recommend bringing along the following items:

  • Binoculars – Binoculars will obviously help you to locate deer easier in the brush.
  • Flashlight  – When headed back to the lodge after the end of a long day of hunting, you’ll be grateful you can see where you’re going without stumbling over debris, bushes or tree branches.
  • Hand warmers – Although our hunting blinds are heated, you’ll want to bring along hand warmers for the trip to the blind and back.
  • Camera – Make sure you can capture the memories of the trip.
  • Cooler – You’re going to get hungry and thirsty while you’re in the blind. We recommend bringing along water and Gatorade to stay hydrated, jerky (low-sodium varieties so you don’t get too thirsty), PB & J or ham and cheese sandwiches, energy bars (including protein bars and granola bars), bananas (apples are great, but are noisy to eat), and candy bars. The rule of thumb is that the food should be easy to eat, give you energy, emit few odors, and can be eaten quietly.

2. Know the law:
You must first obtain a hunting license from the Missouri Department of Conservation before going on a Missouri hunting trip for any kind of game. There are so many big bucks in the state that you need not need worry about obtaining a tag through a lottery or drawing system; simply purchase a tag over-the-counter at a low price. You are also required to wear blaze orange when hunting in Missouri.

3. Give yourself the best odds:
>Stay downwind while hunting so you don’t spook the deer. Avoid using scented soaps, body lotions or perfumes before your hunt and make sure to wash your hunting clothes with a non-scented detergent. The day before your hunt, gather leaves, dirt, and debris and store your clothing in a plastic bag with these items so that the scent of the forest masks your human scent. It’s also a good idea to bring deodorizer to the stand in case you start sweating or need to further mask your scent.

The natural lush habitat, food availability, genetics of our deer, and the age structure of the herds in the area are all factors that lead to Lost Quarter Farms’ incredibly abundant environment. Missouri is consistently rated as one of the top five states for huge bucks. We are known as one of the premier Missouri deer hunting outfitters in the area, offering affordable hunting near St. Louis. For more information, rates and to book a hunt today, contact Lost Quarter Farms.